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Filip Ivli Timofei

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Born on 10 May 1958 in Sarichioi, a village from Tulcea (Romania), he graduated the School of Popular Art, Painting Section from Constanta and Tulcea.

Since 1983 he participated with his own exhibitions in cityes like Constanta, Tulcea and his village Sarichioi, but also aut of country in: Toulouse(1995) and Drudas(1995)-France; do not omit that since 1974 he constantly competes near group exhibitions in different towns like Botosani, Buzau,Bacau, Dorohoi, Pitesti, Bucuresti, Tulcea, Constanta.

In 1995 he makes a documentation trip in France, Germany and Spain, and also at the same time he starts painting in Paris, at the famous district called Montparnasse and also on Pont des Arts.

Today, he lives in Italy (Milano), with his lovely family, where in 2001 he take part in an international competition and win the prize from critics. Since then to ower present he maintained the same passion fore painting, fore nature, achieved extremely great works of art. Venece fore him is like the second home after Sarichioi (Romania), where his childhood was.

Prof. Adrian Pal mantioned about him and his work in the book called „Confulente (pictura si grafica)” that: „The landscape where he was borned, Sarichioi, the village who well-knowned him, surely defines him and his name. The colours he uses is proper to the moment of the action, it’s grizzled, complianted and bearer of a sincere and cleare message”.

Beeing a nature fancier and her beauties, Filip I. Timofei transpose in a personal vision, new emotional moments, where he wants to prove that the way to perfection is delicate and difficult. We see in his works the perfect combination of light with colour, the creation of truth artistiq emotions.

In one of his inauguration (1994), Gheorghe Neata wrote: „ This is an exposition, an evidence of a long road with little steps of the painter and patience, to his perfection”… also he sad „The artistiq existence of Filip I. Timofei it’s severe tied with nature and nature always loves an artist who attempt to point out her in a great value”.

We could say that Filip I. Timofei still continue the well-known tradition of landscape-lirism, starting with his own observations and emotions.

Settling down his easel in plein-air, he works with a great enthusiasm and joy.
No matter hows the season, a good and cloudless lirism, as well as a sincere cordial, guarantee the enfence communication between the painting and the audience.
Filip I. Timofei amazes you with the remarkable ordinary of an inborn artist, who possesse the quality and the balance of structure, and the communication through image has the valences of a daily ritual.

One of the most important piece of inspiration was the „dobrogean” landscape, and Vasile Dragusanu (1994) seted off this thing: „ The ‚dobrogean’ landscape always offerd to the great paintors, inspirational subjects between the most happiess. The Danube Delta, the Sea, with theirs unreal and imaginary lights, closes us again with the sky. Anyone who paints on these regions, can be impressionable by the charming of the colours, and once more Filip I. Timofei demonstrates this to us through them”.

In ower days, Filip I. Timofei try to lead this on, together with his passion for the nature, painting in Milano, Como and especially in Venece, where he lives and of course, at the same time, feeling the nostalgia like once had, on the native regions.

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email: filiptimofei@yahoo.com
Informatii: (0039)3890374624